PlayScript Coach
The Go-To Guy for Supportive Feedback
So here's the deal ...

The Basic Coaching Service I Offer
When you use my coaching (dramaturgical/script doctoring/consulting) service, here’s what you can expect: 

Scripts should be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word or RTF format.***  Please do not provide the play in any "read-only" format.  And, though this may be obvious,  please do not submit your only copy of the play.

Please allow three weeks for critique.  For faster turnaround, please email me (use envelope icon below). 

Formatting Service

If your play is not in standard professional play manuscript format, click on "Formatting" tab on left .  If  you wish for me to professionally format your play in addition to critiquing it, that I can do for an additional charge.  (I can provide you with a rough estimate of final page count before you decide on this service.) 
The Not-so-Fine Print

*No matter what notes, observations, or suggestions I provide and you use, the play is yours and yours alone.  I will not make any claim on your play whatsoever, nor will I ask for credit on the play or in any production program. 

**I’m not affiliated with any of the theatres and organizations on the list I’ll compile for you.  I cannot guarantee that your play will be read or considered by the suggested theatres and organizations.  The list is intended only to give you a head start on submitting scripts.  
***For your own protection (and peace of mind), I highly recommended that you officially copyright your play before you show it to anyone.  This is not required for my services, but it couldn’t hurt.  Copywriting your work is easy and relatively cheap, and it can be done online at  Use Form PA. 
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