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PlayScript Coach
The Go-To Guy for Supportive Feedback
“When developing a new play, that first reading is critical.  That's why Angelo Parra is always on my list of invitees.  I want him there because his insights and comments have been tremendously helpful over the years.  He brings a deep love for theatre and an amazing eye and ear for what will and won’t work on stage.  And he can enlighten a playwright quickly with a minimum of well-chosen words that cut to the heart of the dramatic issue at hand.  I highly recommend Angelo for helping your work reach full potential.”

Tom Dudzick, author of the hits Greetings!
and Over the Tavern, among others

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“Angelo Parra is one of the most incisive theatrical minds I have ever come across.  He reads a script with laser vision, and his advice is always thoughtful, clear and supportive.  I show him every-thing I write.”

Paul Schwartz, Playwright, Composer, Lyricist

“Angelo Parra is the one fellow playwright I always turn to, especially in matters of plot structure.  He keeps me rooted, keeps me honest, and never lets me forget to tell the story.  His advice is always invaluable.” 

Steve Burch, Playwright, Actor
Professor of Theatre (University of Alabama)
“Angelo Parra is simply the best.  If I want an opinion about a script – for example, if, as a potential producer, I am concerned about the viability of a script – I reach out to Angelo first.  His insight is keen, invaluable, and always spots on.  I have always relied on his guidance and feedback to help shape and fine-tune many of my plays and other scripts.  I would recommend Angelo Parra without any hesitation whatsoever.” 

Deborah Vines, Award-Winning Playwright, Actor,
Producer and Writer of fiction, non-fiction,
screenplays, and TV pilots

“Angelo has consistently been a kind, most knowledgeable, and dedicated mentor who has shared his vast knowledge of structure and writing.  He has taken this virtual novice to the point that I’m winning awards, and getting staged readings in New York City and in Hollywood (and possibly a movie contract!).  He’s always available, and more than willing to share his intuition and knowledge.  He's my #1 writing guru!  And he should be yours too.”

Judy Stadt, Playwright, Actor, Radio Talkshow Host