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Play Critique Rates
PlayScript Coach
The Go-To Guy for Supportive Feedback
Rates are based on page counts in standard play format.*  

$5 per page for critique and feedback/coaching

*Play scripts should be provided in standard manuscript format, using a 12-point Times New Roman, 12-point Courier, or similar style and size font (click on "Formatting" tab on left for a sample).  I reserve the right to evaluate page totals, and report to you the page count that results.  

If you should wish for me to coach you on the same script another time (e.g., on a revised draft), significant discounts will apply.  Contact me for rates.  

Formatting Service

If your play is not in standard professional play manuscript format (click on "Formatting" tab on left), and you wish for me to provide formatting services, the rate is $2 per formatted page.  (I can provide you with a rough estimate of final page count before you choose this service.)  

Playwriting for Dummies Autographed

A signed copy of Playwriting for Dummies, autographed to whomever you want saying whatever you want, is available for $29, plus shipping ($2.99).  It makes a great gift!  

Payment Methods

Payment is made before work begins using one of two methods:  

email me